Introducing a Simple, Powerful Way to Run Projects

Introducing a Simple, Powerful Way to Run Projects

BuildBook Team
April 28, 2021
November 5, 2021

From day one, the team here at BuildBook has been on a mission to build the best construction management software out there - one that helps builders and remodelers run projects smoothly, keeps everyone on the same page, and provides a top-notch experience that clients tell their friends about. Software that is dead simple - with no training required - so that your team, clients, and most stubborn subs will want to use it. 👏🏽

But to deliver the best product, we needed to go back to the drawing board and start from scratch.💡

First, we spoke with hundreds of builders to learn what their biggest pain points were and what tools they needed to make their jobs easier. It was pretty clear that everyone was experiencing the same problems:

  1. Complicated software 🤦🏼 - you’ve tried software, but it’s so “big” and complicated to use that your team - and clients - won’t bother with it or can’t figure out it. Worse yet, they’re expensive and often require pretty intense training before they can even be used.
  1. Old school ways of keeping organized 📋 - you’re managing your projects with a gazillion different things like spreadsheets, one-off emails, text messages, sticky notes, notepads...or you just keep it all in your head.
  1. Miscommunication 📥 - juggling who ordered what tile or how much you quoted someone gets lost in the mix because everyone in your project is using their own way to communicate with you. It’s nearly impossible to manage.
“I don’t want to spend a fortune for a web app that looks like Netscape from 1990.”

So we got to work creating a new kind of all-in-one construction software. We’ve worked hard to make it fast and powerful, but also simple to use. And it includes all of the most important features you need to run better projects. 👍

Welcome to stress-free project management 🤩

“Having everything in one place is exciting. Better communication equals less confusion and less room for error. Yay!”

We took some key elements from the “Classic” version of BuildBook - like managing tasks and status updates, plus essential collaboration tools - and gave them a complete facelift.

Fast and lightweight task management ✅

Create, assign, and edit tasks in the fewest amount of clicks possible. Quickly see just your tasks - or everyone’s tasks across the project. You’ll never have to worry about what’s next, who is assigned to do what, or if anything is overdue.

Status updates made easy with Daily Logs 🛠️

Keep everyone updated on progress with a single click and share the logs that are most important to your client to keep them in the loop.

“The simplicity of BuildBook gives my field employees the ability to easily contribute to the projects logs, and my clients have an easy platform to communicate with us.”
Daily Logs

But we knew you needed even more to truly streamline your projects. So we built some new, game changing features.

Pain-free Gantt Chart Scheduling 📅

Keep your project on track with customizable drag and drop scheduling that is simple to create and even easier to maintain. Now you can easily schedule items and adjust dates in seconds. 

“So far the clients love the schedule feature, having them be able to see a schedule more clearly is very helpful for them.”

Straightforward client selection management + simple budget tracking 💵

Add Budget Items

Say goodbye to frantic calls from clients about a decision or amount for an item that got lost in the mix. Capture every client selection - and set allowances and track the actual spend - all in one place.

Along with Selections, you can track the entire Budget for your projects in BuildBook, so the client always knows where things stand and isn’t sending you late-night texts needing clarification.

Your Budget automatically updates and provides a side-by-side comparison of the original estimate vs. the projected budget. Plus, you can add change orders, credits, and payments so that you and the client are seeing a 360 degree view of all costs.

“I am really loving the updates with all the selections I have for my next big job - this is a really great place to organize it. I am a huge fan!!”

Time-saving project templates 💻

Stop wasting time recreating your work and processes for each project over and over again. Create new projects from templates, saving hours and ensuring consistency from project to project.

“I am working on creating a template now! LOVE THIS FEATURE.”
Create a project from a template

A new client experience they’ll tell their friends about

The experience that matters most - how everything goes for your client - is front and center with a completely branded client dashboard and client controls that give you complete power over what your client can access and see throughout the project.

Messaging that’s easier than texting 💬

Finally - you can stop scrolling through your phone searching for random texts in a sea of information. The dedicated Chat feature in BuildBook gives you two separate chat rooms in every project for your team and your clients! Keep every single message in the same place as all of your other project info.

Messaging that's easier than texting
“Having the chat feature is great for streamlining communication while we’re working on a project with our builders.”

And so much more👌

  • Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile apps so you can easily manage your projects on the jobsite - or from anywhere
  • Capture, organize, and share videos and photos for every project
  • Add, manage, and access critical project docs and files in each project
  • Manage who has access to what with team permissions - so you can ensure the right team members and subs have the right level of access
“Definitely enjoy using this for our trades...trying to find something that keeps everyone on the same page and clients happy.”

Get started for free - no strings attached

Ditch the notepads and spreadsheets, complicated software, and endless email chains - get started with BuildBook with a free 10-day trial. When you sign up for BuildBook you can start creating your project within minutes without any training. And if you do need some help along the way - a real, live human from our BuildBook team is here to help!


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