Free Change Order Template

Create a change order using Excel or Google Sheets in just minutes.

As part of our mission at BuildBook to help the construction industry build better, we created this pre-built construction change order template as a quick and easy way for home builders and remodelers to create and capture approval for changes during a project.

It's a simple-to-learn and built to be used in either Excel or Google Sheets. Download it for free below and create a change order in just minutes.

Download Change Order TemplateA free change order template for excel or google sheets

Make and Share Your Change Order in just minutes

This construction change order template has been designed by BuildBook as a quick and easy-to-use way to create a change order for your construction or remodeling projects and send it out for approval in minutes! It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Personalize

customize your free gantt chart template

Add your brand and customize the change order for each project and client you use it for.

2. Create

schedule each task on your free gantt chart template for excel

Add a description and list out each line item with costs and the template will do the rest.

3. Share

download the free gantt chart template as a pdf or excel file

Your change order is ready to be saved in your preferred format and shared for approval.

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Learn more about change orders

What is a construction change order?

A construction change order is a great tool to document and manage change requests from clients on the project. Some change requests are optional – like a client who decides they want to make the master bedroom larger. But others are not – like discovering the roof is leaking. Changes typically impact the budget and timeline. 

A change order helps you document the details of exactly what needs to be done, what it will cost, how long it will take, and who is responsible for payment. Approved change orders become part of the original residential construction contract for the job.

What information should be included on a change order?

A properly structured change order should be descriptive of the work being done and have enough information to determine the cost and timeline impact, if any, on the project.

A change order should contain the following information:

Tips for setting up your construction change order template

Below are some helpful tips to follow after you've downloaded our change order template:

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