Construction Estimating Software for Modern Builders

Set clear expectations with your clients and start your construction projects off on the right foot with accurate estimate and proposal software.

Construction estimate and proposal software by BuildBook

Better projects with higher profits begins with better estimates

BuildBook is changing the way that estimating gets done and projects get won.

construction scheduling software

Construction Estimating Software

Accurate & Simple Construction Estimating Software

Build strong client relationships & trust with accurate estimates for residential construction projects of any size.

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Lightning-fast and easy-to-use Gantt chart scheduling to keep your team and projects on track

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Multi-view Client Selection Management to capture every decision, amount, and document to eliminate any confusion.

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Always-on budget tracking to make sure you and your client are always in sync and your profits are always in line.

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Task management made for busy builders. Create, assign & edit tasks in one window and in the fewest amount of steps possible.

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Communicate with clients, team members, and subs throughout your projects with simple messaging tools that keep everyone up-to-date and every message in one place

construction cost codes and cost library

Price Book & Cost Codes

Create and organize sets of items from available cost codes and easily import them into any estimate.

construction estimate template software by BuildBook

Estimate Templates

Templates keep your most common project items, costs & details organized and easy to reuse.

Easy customization of construction estimates

Custom Content Blocks

Customize and include the scope of work, contract terms, and payment schedule on each project estimate.

Line item budgeting for creating a construction estimate

Line Item Budgeting

Easily group line items by categories and cost codes to keep the budget simple to view and manage.

Construction estimate and budget proposal software

Client Budget Proposals

Finalize your projects budget and generate a PDF proposal for your client to review and approve.

Construction proposal software by BuildBook

Construction Proposal Software

Construction proposal software designed to help you win more deals

Generate construction proposals in minutes. Download, print, or share a link for your clients to review & approve instantly online.

Customized professional construction proposal designs

Custom Branded Proposals

Feature your company's logo, project team, cover image, and branded design on every proposal.

construction client proposal settings

Full Client Visibility

Choose what parts of your proposal is meant for your client’s to view vs. what your internal team can see.

Create a pdf of your construction proposal to share with clients

Export PDF Proposals

Export your proposal as a PDF to easily store for your records, or to share and print for use on the job site.

Collaborate and share your construction proposals with clients

Print or Share Proposals

Collaborate with your client and easily share project proposals via email and in-line messaging.

Get electronic approvals from your clients on construction proposals

Streamlined Approvals

Let your clients view and approve their proposal, so your team can get started immediately.

I knew I was wearing too many hats. I was afraid I’d miss something that would end up costing me money or even worse—a client.

Meet Brady Johanson, a custom home builder who freed up time and won more profitable projects when he elevated his client experience with BuildBook.

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Questions you may have about our construction estimating software.

Why use construction estimate software? 

BuildBook’s cloud-based construction estimating software allows pros the ability to streamline the creation and approval of project estimates and proposals from anywhere, plus it helps track the approval process from start to finish.

How much does construction estimate software cost?

BuildBook's construction estimate and proposal software is included in all BuildBook paid plans at no additional charge. Plans start at just $79 per month, and each include access to every feature that BuildBook has to offer. Visit the pricing page to learn more.

How does BuildBook construction estimating compare to other options?

Unlike other software, BuildBook has focused on delivering construction estimating software that is so simple to use that you can start without a lick of training, yet powerful enough that it offers everything you need to create accurate estimates and stunning proposals that set you apart from your competition.

What is the difference between a construction estimate and construction proposal?

Construction estimating is your initial scope of work and cost breakdown for a potential project. A construction proposal is the final version of your construction estimate that you send to your client for approval.

Where can I access my BuildBook account?

BuildBook is cloud-based software with native applications for both the web and mobile which means that you can access your account from anywhere you have internet. BuildBook works on any web browser and is available as an app for iPhone, iPad and Android.

What are Cost Codes?

Cost Codes allow you to divide project costs into particular categories assigned to specific divisions. That way, you can see exactly how much particular jobs or tasks cost and how that compares to what was budgeted or predicted for your construction project.

What is a Price Book?

Think of the Price Book as a template system. You can create a set of items from your Cost Codes that you can import into any estimate. This speeds up the time to create a full estimate considerably!

Can I send a construction estimate proposal to a client from the platform?

Yes! You can export your proposal as a PDF to send to your client, print out a hard copy, or send them a link to access the proposal online.

What type of items can be created in Construction Estimate Software?

Labor, Materials, Flat Fee and Selections

Can I add management fees to my estimates or proposals to a client?

There are three types of management fees you can add to your project’s proposal. 1. Management Fee. 2. Cost Plus Percentage (structured to pay actual costs incurred on the contract plus a fixed percent management fee.). 3. Fixed Fee (fixed dollar amount.).