Free Construction Estimate Template

This easy-to-use construction estimate and proposal template has been designed by BuildBook as a simple way for contractors, home builders, and remodelers to create and share estimates and proposals with prospective clients.

Included in this free estimating spreadsheet is a set of inputs, pre-built formulas and construction calculators, a worksheet to build and customize your estimates, and a downloadable or print ready view suitable for sending to your client. This template is provided free of charge, and can be used without restrictions using Excel or Google Sheets.

Click the button below to download the template for free and begin creating an estimate for your construction project in just minutes.

Download Template NowA free construction estimate template for excel or google sheets

A construction estimate template built for busy contractors, home builders, and remodelers

This all-in-one construction cost estimate and proposal template has been designed by team behind BuildBook with built-in formulas and project calculators to reduce the complexity and time it takes to estimate profitable projects and send your clients proposals ... and it's completely free!

Here's everything included with this estimate template

  1. A full set of step-by-step instructions that will guide you through every action
  2. Project and company input sheet to add your logo, company information and project details
  3. Construction cost category input worksheet to organize the line items of your project and proposal
  4. Built-in construction calculators to generate unit and total costs, markup percentage, profit margins and more.
  5. A proposal cover sheet in print-ready format
  6. Detailed project estimate summary that is pre-populated and formatted for client presentation
  7. Client signature sheet in print-ready format

Build your construction estimate and proposal with just 3 simple steps

1. Add project details

Customize your construction estimate template

Use the input screens to include your company and project details, and to setup your cost categories and subcategories

2. Create estimate

example of a construction estimate in excel or google sheets

Build your estimate line by line with categories and subcategories; Add and calculate quantities, costs, and markup

3. Send proposal

same of a construction proposal template

Print or download the auto-generated letter, estimate and signature sheets

Download Template Now

What is a construction estimate?

A construction estimate is the approximation of the cost to complete a construction project. This estimation is typically provided by a contractor or home builder and is based on their expertise, knowledge of the project, as well as current market conditions.

To generate an accurate construction estimate, a contractor will take into account factors such as materials costs, subcontractor rates, labor hours, and permits/fees. They will then create a line-item budget that breaks down the estimated cost of each element of the project.

Working from a good construction estimating template or construction management software will help to ensure that the contractor won't miss anything that can impact the accuracy of the estimate.

Who is this construction estimate template for?

Our construction estimate and proposal template was designed to be used by anyone wanting to estimate the total costs of a residential construction project. Those that use the template most often include:

How do you create a construction estimate?

Using our construction estimate template is one of the easiest ways to create an estimate. Each step of the process is listed within the template to guide you from the start to a finished proposal.

In general, a construction estimate is created by taking the plans for a project and calculating the estimated materials and labor needed to complete the project. The estimate will also include a markup for profit and overhead.

It's always a good idea to start by creating a construction estimate checklist that you can reference for every estimate you create.

To help you calculate your costs, we've created a few helpful construction cost calculators as well as a construction calculator collection that you can download for free.

What if I need help with the estimate template?

At BuildBook, it is our mission at to help residential construction companies improve their business by providing the best tools they need to succeed. Whether that is a free construction template or our construction management software, we are here to help you get the most out of any tool we offer.

If you have any questions, suggestions for improvements, or help acccessing the template, you can reach us as [email protected] for assistance.

What other free construction templates does BuildBook offer?

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