Your client's experience will make or break your custom home building business

But happy clients shouldn’t cost you money or extra time. BuildBook helps custom home builders create exceptional client experiences. The result: more profit and less headache.

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Exceptional experiences and higher profits happen when you have time to put your best boot forward

BuildBook gives you simple, powerful tools to help your ideal clients find you, trust you, and choose to work with you.

Marketing Tools

Land seven-figure projects

Attract the most profitable projects without hiring a full-time marketing team.

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Add your latest custom home building project images and company info to your BuildBook Portfolio page from your desktop or mobile device.

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Share your link with homeowners interested in your work — and get ready to sign on the dotted line.

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Post your link on Instagram for added exposure to homeowners who need you

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Includes one, easy-to-use contact form for potential clients to fill out, no matter where they find you

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All your homeowner leads end up in one, simple to manage space

Sales Tools

Simplify your sales process and qualify new leads fast

Say goodbye to wasted hours courting a homeowner only to discover they’ve got champagne taste on a beer budget.

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Get a snapshot of your opportunities, reminders, and priorities so you can keep your pipeline full

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Get instant access to homeowner and property data that helps you figure out in seconds whether it’s worth the time to follow up

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Ditch the notepad - stay organized by tracking Notes and To-Dos assigned to each lead

Project Tools

Keep everyone up-to-speed at any time from anywhere

Eliminate the stress caused by anxious clients, miscommunications, and accidental mistakes.

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Track milestones, progress, and decisions. Communicate updates with everyone who needs to know—all in one place

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Integrates with Dropbox and other cloud-based platforms to keep your documents in order

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Use Tasks for to-do lists that your team and clients can access (and instantly see when items are done)

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Stop spending hours sifting through emails, text messages, and sticky notes searching for client selections or change orders

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Build trust with one-touch photo updates so clients can see progress on their dream home (and stop texting you at 10 pm looking for answers)

Make it easier for your ideal homeowners to find you, work with you, and tell their friends about you

Yep, totally free. No credit card required. No pushy sales tactics. Ever.

I knew I was wearing too many hats. I was afraid I’d miss something that would end up costing me money or even worse—a client.

Meet Brady Johanson, a custom home builder who freed up time and won more profitable projects when he elevated his client experience with BuildBook.

Customer Initials GM

Geoff M.

Creative Professional Remodeling

Customer rating

“It was the simplicity of BuildBook that sold me.”

Customer Initials CB

Christina B.

Vero Home

Customer rating

“It’s absolutely been a lifesaver on this latest remodel. I’m not sure how we did the previous ones without it?!”

Customer Initials BJ

Brady J.

Brady Colt Custom Homes

Customer rating

“Clients love it, employees find it to be a very useful tool, and I am more organized because of it.”

Home Builders whose clients love that they use BuildBook

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Instant access to every BuildBook feature. 100% risk-free.