Buildertrend Buys CoConstruct: Response and Reactions from Builders & Remodelers

Buildertrend Buys CoConstruct: Response and Reactions from Builders & Remodelers

BuildBook Team
March 8, 2021
May 13, 2022

If you follow residential construction industry news, then you should already be aware by now that Buildertrend has acquired CoConstruct. 

Without a doubt, the two biggest head-to-head competitors in residential construction management software coming together as one is major news for our industry. In our world, it’s the equivalent of Coke buying Pepsi, or Ford buying Chevy. 

And just like any major rivalry, you have customers on both sides who have chosen one over the other and don’t really want to see it become the one they didn’t like. 

While both companies have assured their combined 23,000 customers that everything will remain the same, they also noted their plans to integrate the two platforms in order to provide the best of both. 

This seems to indicate that the 1000’s of customers who have switched over from Buildertrend or CoConstruct for the other may ultimately be brought back to where they began. 

Only time will tell how this all plays out, but as a construction management solution that has been earning its reputation as the simpler, faster and less bloated alternative, we were curious to know how this acquisition was being perceived by the pros who have been relying on these tools to run their business. 

We already shared our reaction and thoughts on what we see happening next. Today we wanted to share some of the reactions we’ve heard from the builder community. 

Reactions from Home Builders and Remodelers

“We chose CoConstruct 2 years ago and it was primarily because of their customer service, product capabilities, and because we did not like the Buildertrend platform. We’re concerned at this point that the very reasons we chose CoConstruct will disappear. 

Right now, we’re being told nothing will change “at this time”, so we’re not feeling like the end result is being made transparent. That said, if they merge capabilities and platforms and take the good from both, it could be a very positive end product and for the entire industry, we hope that’s the case. Companies DEPEND on these software platforms.”

Jimmy Tereyla - JT Custom Builders


“Well I’m a little disappointed but not surprised. 

We have used CoConstruct for a bit and have used Buildertrend in the past. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. But there is less competition in the software space now which tends to drive price up. Hopefully other companies can learn and take the good out of those two systems and come up with a great system.

I only see Buildertrend or CoConstruct or both getting a lot more expensive.”

Brandon Harrington - Construction Tech LLC


“It makes me nervous to have to learn a new format if that is their plan.  Also, I am worried about a price increase.” 



“I think it is a positive thing that they are coming together, as they may be able to integrate different strengths on both platforms and make it a better fit and more user friendly. Thats my hope anyway. 

I’ve spent a lot of time on Buildertrend, and I think it is great for General Contractors that have lots to manage, but for a Subcontractor like myself, I think it is far too layered and un-intuitive. 

I am looking forward to implementing BuildBook as it seems more suited for the type of company we are.” 

Daniel Penn - Penn Construction 


“I had signed up for both companies around the same time about a month ago, but learned CoConstruct quickly and couldn’t find a grove with buildertrend. 

Buildertrend looked a lot better and their marketing is on point, but CoConstruct seemed to be more system based without the flash. 

But after deciding this I saw that Buildertrend acquired CoConstruct and that kind of made me uneasy. As if the company that I liked will someday become the one I didn’t care for. Then I saw that the CEO stepped down and on to better things. All seemed oddly timed.” 

Bryan Greenhaw - Greenhaw Construction


“I think Buildertrend is overpriced and CoConstruct is a bad platform. That said, there is a massive need for software for the average builder/remodeling contractor. I do not see the acquisition changing any of it. A company that can fill that need will win big. I’m in national contractor groups and can attest to a lot of contractors struggling to find a solution.”

Matt Kuehn - No 7 Development


“I feel positive about the acquisition. As a user of both CoConstruct and Buildertrend, I felt Buildertrend was a far superior product and worth the extra cost. Now that they own CoConstruct they can merge the two and I can get the best of both worlds.”

Tyler Palmer - Palmer Innovative Construction


“I've used both products and feel that they are both trying to do too much. I found them to be overwhelming to my staff, clients and my trade partners didn't have the time to learn a program. 

One of our clients had to ask us to turn off notifications because CoConstruct was sending her several emails a day and it was stressing her out. I understand that there will be a learning curve with any new product but we're builders and I love technology when it helps me.”

Tim Watt - REcreateNW Renovation


“It is very interesting especially since the philosophies the platforms are built upon are so different. It will be interesting to see what happens but I’m sure there’s plenty of upset CoConstruct clients. 

Also, the pricing structure will be interesting because last I checked, Buildertrend was much more expensive than CoConstruct.”

Jared Banner - BANNER Built Custom Homes & Remodeling


"Our company has been using BuilderTrend since 2014. We have looked at Co-construct as well as a few of the alternatives during the time we have used BT. I recently ran across the BuildBook platform and reached out to get a demo. I was impressed by the collaborative approach that BuildBook is taking to enhance the features and usability for their clients.

The recent news of the two giants merging is the perfect time for a company like BuildBook to disrupt the market for construction management software. I am looking forward to viewing the new platform."

Lee Rickey - Potter House Group


What do you think? 

We want to hear how you feel about the Buildertrend and CoConstruct acquisition. How do you think it will impact the pro community? If you’re a customer, are you planning to jump ship or stay the course?

DM us on Instagram to let us know what you think and if you want us to include you in this article.


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