Construction Project Management Survey

Construction Project Management Survey

BuildBook Team
February 19, 2021
July 27, 2023
“I absolutely hate it but I need to have it” 
“It’s over complicated, clunky, and cumbersome” 
"I don’t want to spend a fortune for a web app that looks like Netscape from 1990"
“I need something that doesn’t take 100s of hours to learn” 

This is just a recent sampling of home builders and remodelers describing how they feel about their project management software. 

Awhile back, we asked 100’s of custom home builders and remodelers questions about their construction business — including their business objectives, the most painful problems in their business and what they needed to solve those problems.

The reason we asked all of these questions is because for a large majority of builders, their project management software is the most frustrating tool in their business. And, we wanted to learn how to fix it.  

The hard reality was that we knew that BuildBook wasn’t offering enough to solve it, which meant that we were part of the problem. 

It was for that reason that we decided to embark on rebuilding our project management software from the ground up.

But, rather than build the tool that we thought everyone would want, we wanted to first learn what everyone needed

I mean, you’d never build a custom home without first asking the homeowners what they needed, right? 

Yeah, neither would we. 

While the rebuild and launch took place in 2021, we wanted to share the results of one particular question we asked and give you a quick look at some of what we heard: 

Note: If you'd like to experience the results for yourself, you can our construction management software completely free for 10 days.

What features matter MOST to you in your project management software? 

That is one of the questions we recently asked, along with a long list of possible answers. Here are the top 4 results that far outranked everything else based on percentage:

  1. 21% - Scheduling/Gantt charts
  2. 18% - Budget tracking
  3. 18% - Client selections management
  4. 13% - Task management

So, along with all of the other answers we collected, we began building ...

Scheduling/Gantt charts

We built our scheduling tool to be simple and extremely fast so you can easily create and track every activity during your projects that everyone on the team can access.

With a simple drag and drop interface, you can create and edit schedule items and adjust dates in a breeze. 

And, with a sleek modern design, you'll never feel like your software is still stuck in the 90's.

Client Selections Management

With our Client Selections Manager, you can keep track of all of your client selections with ease. 

You can organize selections by category or by room to help you and your client visualize how their selections will look together.

Capture every decision, cost, and referring document to eliminate any confusion during and after your projects.

Budget Tracking

We simplified budget tracking to put your — and your clients’ — mind at ease.

All budget categories are cleanly itemized and color coded, including Selections, Change Orders, and Payments. 

With a real-time side-by-side comparison of both the original estimate and the projected budget, you and your client will always be in sync.

Task Management

BuildBook eliminated the painful process of creating, assigning and managing Tasks by making it simple, fast and, get this ... enjoyable.

You can assign multiple people to a task, create sub-tasks, categorize, add attachments and so much more — all in one window and in the fewest amount of steps possible. 

And, there’s so much more

These are just a few of the many new features that we built based on the feedback we received.

With the help of all the builders that completed our survey, we discovered the insights we needed to deliver in order to provide you with the project management software everyone has been waiting for ...

Simple, fast, and powerful project management software with every feature you need to run better projects. Better yet, it requires zero training and is so easy that even your most stubborn sub will enjoy using it.

If you’re interested in trying frustration-free construction management software, click that link to try it free for 10 days! 


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