Say hello to the all-new Opportunities

Say hello to the all-new Opportunities

BuildBook Team
December 14, 2021
December 16, 2021

In 2020 the BuildBook team released what was, at the time, the next evolution of the BuildBook platform: a suite of sales and marketing tools to simplify your sales process and continue to deliver an amazing client experience.

Sales features like a Lead Manager, Notes, and To-Do’s, and more were created to help you easily capture, qualify, and manage all of your leads in one place.

But there was much more we wanted to do to help builders and remodelers track every lead in one place, and never miss another opportunity because of lost information or forgetting to send a follow-up.

So we went back to the drawing board and gave our Leads and Contact features a MAJOR upgrade to provide you with even better tools to manage your sales pipeline and pave the way for future enhancements 🎉.

Leads is now Opportunities 🙌

Say goodbye to Leads, and give Opportunities a warm welcome to the BuildBook platform 👋

We took some items from the previous version - like moving leads through a sales pipeline and having the ability to see property info, add details, set reminders for follow-up, and upload attachments - and made them even better!

Now, you have more ways to organize Opportunities:

  • Move your Opportunities through the sales pipeline using stages: New, Qualifying, Estimating, Won, Lost, and Archived Stages
  • Easily sort your Opportunities by those most recently updated, or click the column headers for custom sorting.
  • Filter and find your Opportunities quickly based on title, address, owner, or client name.

Opportunities and Contacts are now available in our iOS and Android apps 📱

Need we say more?

Brand new additions to Opportunities

Assign owners to Opportunities

Any team members in BuildBook can now be assigned to an Opportunity! This will help everyone on your team work more efficiently and keep everyone on track for following up and managing lead details.

Add unlimited details

We gave Opportunities a whole new look that is cleaner, sleeker, and is consistent with BuildBook’s Project tools. While we were at it, we made a lot of enhancements to what details you can attach to a lead, with more room for customization:

  • Client info - attach as many clients to an Opportunity as you’d like, and access their contact information quickly.
  • Property Info - you can still qualify Opportunities faster with what was previously known as Automated Lead Analysis, which provides you with a ton of details on a potential job including parcel, structure, and tax history. Plus we added a Google map with driving directions.
  • Customizable Project Type and Budget - choose between New Construction, Gut Renovation, Kitchen Remodel, Bathroom Remodel, Addition, or create your custom job types. Enter an estimated budget to keep your opportunities organized.
  • Planned Schedule lets you add a planned start date or date range. 
  • Robust notes for you to capture details. 
  • Attachments for photos and docs.

Create and assign Tasks ✅

The brand-new Tasks tab is your go-to spot for assigning tasks for an Opportunity to others on your team, adding due dates so that everyone gets reminders, and including Task-specific notes plus attachments.

Visibility into all activity associated with an Opportunity

Similar to the Activity Feed in Projects, now you can quickly catch up on the history of an Opportunity with a single glance. Here you can see when/how the Opportunity was created, if a Task has been created, assigned, or completed, and if the stage of the Opportunity was changed.

Freshly designed Contacts 👥

We couldn’t leave Contacts in the dust, so we also made some big enhancements to BuildBook Contacts including:

  • Updated design and interface to be consistent with Projects
  • A new Notes and Attachments section within each Contact
  • More control over information like company name and contact type

Try it out for yourself - for free

Impress your clients, from first impression to final payment with BuildBook’s sales, marketing, and project management tools for builders and remodelers. And did we mention that you can try it all for free? Sign up for a trial and give these new features a spin!


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