Welcome to the Future of Construction Management

Welcome to the Future of Construction Management

BuildBook Team
October 20, 2020
January 21, 2021

Since launching the first version of BuildBook in 2019, our goal has been to provide a simple and powerful alternative to the complicated all-in-one project management systems that exist in the market.

We’ve learned a lot along the way that has shaped the evolution of what BuildBook provides. 

One lesson that has become clear is that most construction business problems fall into one of these buckets: stress, time, and money

In most cases, these problems start long before a project even begins.

In fact, the key to solving these problems is to fix them before they even become a problem — something that project management software simply can’t do.

So, after working with hundreds of builders and remodelers over the past two years, we discovered the one common ingredient that has the biggest impact on the success of your construction business — the client experience

Which begins at first impression and continues through final payment.  

For the past several months, we’ve been heads down building the next evolution of the BuildBook platform with new tools to help you deliver a better experience throughout the entire client journey. 

The end result is happier clients, more profits, and less stress

To help you achieve that result, we’re excited to introduce everything we’ve been working on:  

  1. Easy-to-use Marketing tools so you can attract the right leads (and they’re free to use). 
  2. Powerful Sales tools so you can win better projects.
  3. Improved Project tools that will increase client happiness and word-of-mouth referrals. 

Remaining true to our original goal, all of these new tools were designed to be simple for you to use, yet powerful enough to transform the success of your business.

As part of this update to our platform, we’re also rolling out some other exciting changes:  

  1. A brand new website focused on our customers.
  2. Pricing options to fit any size construction business.
  3. A free forever plan — as in 100% free.

Ready to give it a try for yourself? Click here to start your free 10-day trial. 

If you want to see more about what’s new, keep reading: 

Marketing Tools

One place to funnel all of your potential clients and showcase your work to capture the best leads and projects from the beginning.

Portfolio — Create a beautiful public Portfolio in minutes so you can show off your latest work and turn warm leads into paying clients

Lead Capture — One easy-to-use form for potential clients to fill out, no matter where they find you

Link-in-bio — Move your Insta followers onto your own turf so you can convert them into leads

Sales Tools

Simplify your sales process so you can easily capture and manage your leads in one place and quickly qualify them to decide if they’re right for you.

Lead Manager — Every lead, from every source, all in one place

Automated Lead Analysis — Get instant access to detailed info that helps you decide if their project is right for you

Lead Notes, To-Dos & Files — Keep all of your notes, bids and next steps in one place so you never miss another opportunity because of lost info

Project Tools

Everything you need to track and communicate job progress and updates for everyone who needs to know, all in one place

Simple Project Messaging — Communicate with clients, team members, and subs with a simple messaging platform that keeps everyone up-to-date and everything in one place

Docs, Photos & Videos — Shared access of every photo, every video, and every doc organized by project for everyone to see

Schedule & Tasks — Easily track client selections, change orders, punch lists, and more to build trust with clients and keep things on schedule

New customer-focused website

One of our core values since the very beginning has been to always be in our customers corner. That means we make our decisions based on whether or not they will help our customers improve their business. 

We wanted our new website to highlight our customers and the improvements they’ve made. 

Pricing options for everyone

Whether you’re a solo contractor or have a team of 20, we didn’t want the size of your business to limit your ability to access what you needed within BuildBook. 

We’ve expanded our pricing options to make it easy for you to choose which plan fits your business best.  

A free forever plan

Yes, you read that correctly. As part of expanding our pricing options, we’ve included a plan that will never cost you a dime. 

Create and publish your Portfolio to wow your potential clients, plus capture and manage all of your leads. All for free — forever. 

Get started

If you’re ready to tackle the one thing standing between you and achieving the trifecta of construction — happier clients, more profits, and less stress — then sign up for a free trial of BuildBook today.


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