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January 10, 2022

Improved Daily Logs, new Calendar View filter, mobile app login improvements

Feature Enhancement
New Feature

Clients are no longer able to create or edit Tasks. Clients can still see and comment on Tasks shared with them, but cannot make adjustments to the Task itself. 

Fixes & Improvements

  • Project Templates: When creating a new project from an existing one, the order of items in the newly created project were out of order. Tasks, Budget items, and Selection items now maintain the correct order in the new project, and their status is correctly reset.
  • Mobile app login improvements: We’ve dramatically improved the mobile app login experience, which means that you should no longer need to log in nearly as often. 
  • Improved Daily Log layout. It’s now much easier edit and view Daily Logs, including an improved user interface to show you how many comments there are, who posted the log, the date the log was posted, and smaller image thumbnails. Plus, now you can simply click on the Log to edit it.
  • Date display improvements: When a date spans a year, we now display the year, so that it’s clear which year the date is set for.
  • Schedule View dependency arrows: We fixed a bug that caused the dependency arrows to sometimes disappear when zooming on the Schedule View.
  • Improved in-app feedback: We’ve added more confirmation notifications around the app – like when uploading a file, sending an invitation, and creating a Task or Log.  
  • New Calendar View filters: We’ve added Assigned To and Item Type filters to individual project calendars, making it easier to just show the items you want to see.

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December 10, 2021

New! Opportunities and Contacts 🎉

New Feature

We released a very big upgrade to our lead and contact management tools! These upgrades give you and your team even better tools to manage your sales pipeline and pave the way for future enhancements.

  • “Leads” have been renamed to “Opportunities”
  • Opportunities and Contacts have a new look and feel that matches the Projects area.
  • Opportunities and Contacts are now available in our iOS and Android apps!

Organize your Opportunities: 

  • Move Opportunities through your sales pipeline using stages: New, Qualifying, Estimating, Won, Lost, and Archived
  • Sort Opportunities by most recently updated, or click the column headers for custom sorting.
  • Filter Opportunities quickly based on title, address, owner, or client name.

Each Opportunity includes these features:

  • Owner: Opportunities can be assigned to specific Pro Team Admins to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. 
  • Client information: The contact information for your client is easily accessible in the Opportunity. An Opportunity can also have multiple Contacts attached.
  • Property Information: Google map with driving directions, parcel, structure, tax history, and more are available, giving you a lay of the land. 
  • Customizable Project Type: Choose between New Construction, Gut Renovation, Kitchen Remodel, Bathroom Remodel, Addition, or create your own custom job types.
  • Budget: Enter an estimated budget to keep your opportunities organized.
  • Planned Schedule:  Enter a planned start date or date range. 
  • Notes: Enter notes from the field easily, and capture details. 
  • Attachments: Add photos, docs, or blueprints to help keep everything organized. 

  • Tasks: Opportunity Tasks function the same as Project Tasks and include the ability to add a due date, notes, attachments, and an assignee.
  • Activity Feed: Catch up on the history of Opportunity history with a single glance.

We also made some big enhancements to Contacts in order to give Contacts an updated UI to be consistent with Projects, allow customers to keep notes and attachments within a Contact, and have more control over information like company name and contact type.

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November 19, 2021

Filter by assignee in the global schedule

Feature Enhancement
Bug Fix
  • Even more awesome improvements to the Super Schedule - Filter by Assignee! Now you can filter by Task assignees in your master Schedule across all of your projects, so you can get a view of who has what on their plate and if you need to re-allocate resources.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Clicking "Download Image" in item attachments now downloads to the default browser save location vs. opening in the same window.
  • New projects created from a Project Template including Tasks without due dates resulted in the new Tasks appearing out of order. Now Tasks created from a template are in the same order.
  • Identified and resolved an issue within the iOS app, where reopening the app after the app had been backgrounded for an extended period of time would show a white screen and require a restart.
  • Fixed an issue in the schedule where certain changes weren’t appearing without refreshing the page.
  • Using Save & Add Another from Selection Category or Items wasn’t to clear out the cost fields, which is now fixed.
  • Resolved a bug where a Task or Phase date range wasn’t accurately represented on the calendar and was off by one day
  • Many other small improvements to the Schedule.
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October 22, 2021

Cross project schedule enhancements and other schedule improvements

Feature Enhancement


  • On the cross project schedule, you can now adjust the color and short code for calendars, giving you more control and flexibility. 
  • You can also quickly navigate to the project via the dropdown menu.
  • We’ve also added more calendar colors, for a total of 12. 
  • The schedule now automatically reorders items based on their start date, so you no longer need to refresh the page to see the items arranged properly.

Fixes and improvements:

  • The percentage complete for a Phase or Task is now correctly shown, based on the number of complete Activities within the phase, or Subtasks in the Task.
  • Improvements to how time zones are calculated, so that due dates accurately reflect your current time zone.  
  • When hovering over items on the schedule, the tooltips now show the duration of an event. 
  • Many other small improvements and bug fixes to make the Schedule even better.  
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October 8, 2021

New: reordering of subtasks, budget and selections, and Phase activities!

New Feature
Feature Enhancement


- Re-ordering of subtasks within Tasks, activities in Phases, budget items, and selection items! Previously, subtasks in Tasks and activities within Phases were in the order you entered them, but we heard from many of you that have lots of subtasks and activities that you need to easily move around as things change. 

Just click the three lines next to the item to rearrange.

And while we were at it, we also added the ability to rearrange your budget AND selection items! Just hover over what you’d like to drag and move. Three lines will appear to the left for you to adjust the order.

This update will give you and your team much more flexibility to customize your budget, selections, and tasks 👌👌

- Technical enhancements behind the scenes to the Chat feature to give you more visibility into when messages are delivered or if there are any connectivity issues.

In situations where you are on the go and don’t have great service, a message will appear in Chat to let you know if the app is connecting and will show you the upload status on files.

Fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed a bug where in some cases, items in Up Next were showing twice
  • Resolved an issue where some new budget items didn’t appear without refreshing the page
  • Improved the experience for marking Selection items as complete directly from the budget so that the completed state is reflected in the Budget without needing to refresh the page
  • Replaced pagination in Daily Logs with lazy load (so that as you scroll older posts will automatically appear)
  • Added tooltips for scenarios in the schedule when a date is required to give an explanation as to why a date is required
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some comments from saving in a Selection 
  • Enhanced the appearance of URLs in Chat so that long URLs wrap to prevent anything from being pushed off of the screen
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