Construction glossary term

Quantity Surveyor

A Quantity Surveyor in residential construction is an individual who specializes in estimating, analyzing and managing the costs associated with a project from its design to its completion. They are an integral part of the design, construction and financial planning process, providing detailed calculations on material costs, labor costs, subcontract fees, cost analysis and other expenses that may arise during the course of a project. These professionals also help manage risk associated with projects by assessing potential changes in cost or delays in schedules and making sure builders stay within their budgets.

The Quantity Surveyor often works closely with architects, engineers and contractors to ensure estimates are thorough and accurate for each phase of the project. With their expertise in analyzing finances and data related to a project, they help provide valuable insight into how best to move forward with the project at hand. Additionally, they work to identify and reduce any potential risks associated with a construction project, such as unexpected cost overruns or delays in completion. Ultimately, they are responsible for successfully managing the budget and timeline of a project, making sure everything is completed on time and within budget.

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