Construction glossary term

Production Builder

A production builder is an individual or company that specializes in constructing a large numbers of homes in a housing development. These builders focus on economies of scale and quality control to reduce costs and ensure consistent outcomes. Production builders often use standardized processes, materials, and designs, with some degree of flexibility to meet the needs of individual buyers. They may also offer customization options like floor plans, features, and finishes within certain budgets or other limitations.

Production builders typically have well-established relationships with local suppliers, subcontractors, and regulatory agencies to facilitate timely completion and delivery of their projects. Working closely with these partners ensures that all parties involved understand the scope of work required and any relevant regulations or codes that must be met. In addition to constructing communities of single-family homes, production builders are increasingly focusing on types of multi-family dwelling such as townhouses and condominiums, as well as mixed-use developments combining residential units with commercial structures like retail stores or office space.

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