Construction glossary term

Not-in-Contract (NIC)

Not-in-Contract (also known as NIC) is a term used to describe materials, supplies, or services that are not part of the construction contract between a contractor and a client for residential construction projects. These items may include extra labor, additional materials, or special requests from the client that are not covered within the original agreement and must be negotiated separately with the contractor. A contractor is most often the one responsible for providing an accurate estimate of all Not-in-Contract charges prior to beginning work.

An example of Not-in-Contract costs for a residential construction project could include the installation of specialized lighting fixtures requested by the client. The contractor may agree to install the fixtures, but if had not been included in the original contract, it would require additional negotiation between the two parties before work can be completed. The cost of installation would then be added to the overall cost of the project as an additional Not-in-Contract charge.

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