Construction glossary term

Bill of Materials

A bill of materials (BOM) in residential construction is a list of all components, materials, and other items required to complete a construction project. This includes both the quantity and type of each item necessary for the building process, as well as an estimated cost for each item. The BOM should also include any instructions on how the item needs to be installed or used correctly during construction. A typical BOM may include lumber, roofing materials, plumbing supplies, flooring materials and tools needed to put it all together.

A BOM is used to help contractors stay organized throughout the construction process. It also helps keep track of costs so that contractors can avoid overspending on unnecessary items and help them stay on budget for the project. Additionally, a BOM can help contractors plan ahead by anticipating any potential problems that may arise during construction. Lastly, a BOM will also ensure that all items used in the construction process are up to code and comply with any local building regulations.

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