Nail Your Next Construction Cost Estimate

Get prepared to win your next construction job by including all the key elements that go into a professional construction cost estimate. Details matter when it comes to winning new business in a competitive landscape, and managing a construction business requires careful thought into how much you’ll need to charge to be successful.

Creating a construction cost estimate has never been more simple for busy contractors, remodelers, and designers

Download Template NowA free gantt chart template for excel or google sheets

This all-in-one construction cost estimate has been designed by BuildBook with built-in formulas and calculations to reduce the complexity and time it takes to estimate costs and send your clients proposals ... and it's completely free!

Introduction To The BuildBook Construction Cost Estimate Template

The BuildBook Construction Cost Estimate Template makes it effortless to create proposals for new and existing clients with all the information required to carefully calculate a quote that will set client expectations and manage profit margins. It offers a reusable format in an easy-to-use Google Sheet so you can work on quotes from your office or on the road. It’s geared for all general and specialty contractors to prepare estimates and use for any type of job.

What’s Included in the Google Sheets Template for Creating a Cost Estimate

  1. Guided instructions through all the steps involved in the process
  2. Customization for each project to include your company logo for a personalized feel
  3. Preloaded project inputs for labor and materials
  4. Services, labor, and material categories and subcategories for organizing costs
  5. Worksheets for customizing cost estimates and calculating profit margins
  6. Allowance management within your cost estimate
  7. A cover sheet for your proposal, also offered in formats perfect for printing
  8. Detailed project estimate summary that is pre-populated and formatted for client presentation
  9. Client signature sheet in print-ready format

Project Details Inside Your Construction Cost Estimate

Customization fields for your construction estimate template

The cost estimate template begins with basic inputs for the project. Personalize the presentation with your business name and logo along with client and site details.

Construction Costs Estimate Worksheet

Organize all of the line items by categories in your construction estimate

Use the worksheet to input line items to support the scope of work. Set both internal and client-facing costs with projected profit margins and adjust fees to shape your quote.

Scope of Work to Generate the Cost Estimate

Organize all of the line items by categories in your construction estimate

Manage construction categories to help define a hierarchy of line items involved in the project. By categorizing costs, your clients can easily see which line items relate to the task at hand.

Client Presentation of Cost Estimate

Export the final proposal with your construction estimate

The construction cost estimate generated from the template offers a clean presentation. Profit margins are hidden and line items are organized by categories to keep things simple.

Terms and Signature Page

Organize all of the line items by categories in your construction estimate

Let’s not forget the most important part – the signed estimate! Included are a cover sheet and the signature page as extra pages you’ll need to round out the estimate. Export the files to quickly email to clients and prepare printouts to follow up in a professional mailable package.

Download for free now and begin creating a new custom proposal in just minutes.

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