Why I'm Joining BuildBook

Why I'm Joining BuildBook

Shawn Van Dyke
July 26, 2019
January 21, 2021

If you know me, you know that I’ve dedicated my career to helping construction companies grow their businesses. In my work, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet a ton of great people, doing exciting things, who share my mission - to change the way the world views the trades.

About a year ago, I met Carson Miller - a tech-industry veteran who’s made a career building digital products. His brother, Ryan Miller, founded Artisan Built, a custom home builder in Greensboro, Georgia. They saw an opportunity to put their minds together and create a product aimed at solving one of our industry’s biggest challenges - the lack of communication between clients, teams, and trade partners creates frustration for everyone and costs business owners money.

As a builder, you know how it goes: you build homes for multiple clients at the same time. There are tons of decisions you need your clients to make - each of which has huge implications for the rest of the project and your business. Meanwhile, each project often has a different roster of subs and vendors. 

Because the stakes are high, clear communication is vital to your success.  The problem for many builders is communication is scattered across many channels. You get bombarded with phone calls, texts, and emails from everyone involved. A gap in the flow of information leads to misunderstandings between the builder, client, and team. 

A gap in communication can cost you thousands of dollars.

Carson and Ryan realized there had to be a better way. That’s why they founded BuildBook. 

BuildBook is a new tech company that I believe will radically change how the construction industry functions. BuildBook gives builders a simple way to communicate better within their teams, deliver an exceptional client experience, and win more business - all through a modern, elegant mobile app.

With BuildBook, you can do some exciting things, like:

  • Organize your projects in different “workspaces” so all the people working on one project can easily communicate together
  • Document all client decisions and change orders so there’s an easily accessible record of what the client has selected
  • Focus conversations on specific construction topics and provide clarity for each aspect of a project
  • Post pictures and documents and get client feedback instantaneously
  • Provide simple status updates for your clients so they stay in the know and bother you less

In short, when teams move their communication onto BuildBook, they eliminate the communication confusion that comes with building. 

Over the years, I’ve played around with dozens of apps that promise to reduce the complexity of building, but what I’ve found is that most just add more complexity. BuildBook is different: it is everything you need and nothing you don’t. 

As you can tell, I’m really excited about BuildBook. That’s why I’ve decided to join Carson and Ryan as a member of the BuildBook Board of Advisors. In this role, I’ll be leveraging my experience working with construction professionals to help steer the continued development of the product. I’ll be working directly with you - the teams in the field - to help identify the most important new features to help builders take their businesses to the next level.

I am excited to be partnering with the BuildBook team on their journey. You should give BuildBook a try and let me know what feedback you have. I would be forever grateful for your feedback. It’ll be really helpful to me as I work with Carson and Ryan to prioritize the next batch of features we develop.

Check it out here: buildbook.co/shawn and hit me up with your feedback.



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