Why Builders and Remodelers Should Join the Floor & Decor PRO Premier Rewards Program
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Why Builders and Remodelers Should Join the Floor & Decor PRO Premier Rewards Program

BuildBook Team
September 17, 2021
May 13, 2022

Learn why the Floor & Decor PRO Premier Rewards program might be better than the Home Depot Pro Xtra Loyalty program

Floor & Decor PRO Premier Rewards Program is not just about rewards points; they’re also committed to helping your construction business thrive. The benefits and support they offer goes beyond what the average program offers, including even the Pro Xtra Loyalty Program at The Home Depot, which might make Floor & Decor one of the top rewards programs for home builders and remodelers. 

This is why BuildBook is excited to be one of their PRO Partners. What’s a PRO Partner? Well, read on, because we highlighted some of the top benefits of the rewards program, like the PRO Premier services, their world-class PRO Premier app, and the exclusive PRO Partner savings that can help your business grow. 

Floor & Decor’s Premier Rewards Program is free to join and is one of the best programs around, at least in our opinion. So, how does the Floor & Decor Pro Premier Program work? We've broken down each part of the program below, beginning with the simple steps to join:

  • Create your account online here (or go to the Floor & Decor PRO desk in the store)
  • Once your account is created, you will get a PRO ID no.
  • Log in to your PRO Rewards with your PRO ID No.
  • Click on the PRO Premier Rewards Icon and click join. 

Floor & Decor PRO Premier Rewards Program Overview

If you're buying premium flooring and tile for almost every project anyway, you might as well get the best prices and service you can get — along with the best rewards. With the Floor & Decor Premier Rewards Program you start earning benefits from the very first purchase. And each month, Pros get 1 point for every dollar spent and 3 points per dollar over $3k. 

You can spend your earned rewards on things you need for the job, like equipment rentals and appliances. Or you can decide to reward yourself for your hard work with something like a new grill for your backyard BBQs or tickets to your favorite sporting event. There are many ways to use your rewards, so if you haven’t experienced browsing the PRO Premier rewards mall, it’s highly recommended!

PRO Premier Financing Helps your Bottom Line

Floor and decor pro business account

As a builder or remodeler, we’ve all been through challenges with financing. Floor & Decor completely understands your cash flow concerns and is here to help. 

They offer various solutions, like their PRO Premier credit cards with a 6-month no-interest option on all orders over $299. And for the high-volume builders and remodelers, they offer commercial accounts with 30-day net terms to help you keep your working capital where you need it most - in your bank. 

Floor & Decor also features financing promotions, and they run them a lot. Depending on the deal, you can get anywhere from 6 to 18 months no interest on purchases. From our perspective,  Floor & Decor does a great job of making your financing options as easy as possible.

PRO Premier Services Makes Your Job Easier

a dedicated pro desk at ever floor and decor location

This is where the Floor & Decor PRO program really stands out above other programs by offering a handful of Premiere services to their PROs. There is a PRO desk in every store where you can get what you need, from ordering and delivery to financing and design services. In addition to that, they also offer:

  • A dedicated pro team at each location
  • Express Pick-up for your orders
  • Job site delivery
  • Free product storage for commercial customers
  • Free design services 
  • And a dedicated pro-hotline 

Floor & Decor wants to help you look your best to your clients. You can head on down to the store and chat with the Pro desk or call the Floor & decor hotline number to get immediate service too. And, there’s also Floor & Decor PRO events, where you gain valuable training and tips from top brands like Mapei’s “How to Select the Proper Mortar for Tile Installation” and Shluter “The Finishing Touch - Profiles, Drains, and Decorative Shelves.” All to help you improve your business and grow your bottom line. 

PRO Premier App Keeps You Organized

floor and decor app for pros

The PRO Premier app is essentially a one-stop shop to help PROs manage and organize client orders. We gave it a try and found that it’s pretty easy to navigate and allows PROs to see all their activity in one centralized location. The app is designed to make it simple for you to:

  • Check in-store inventory
  • Review active orders
  • Check order status
  • Check order history
  • Organize orders by client or job name
  • Check your PRO Rewards point balance
  • Schedule an appointment with a designer
  • See special offers 
  • Register for free training events

The App available for download through the Apple App Store or get it on Google Play

PRO Partner services Saves You Money

Here’s our favorite part of the program. Floor & Decor knows that business relationships are vital to growing a successful business. So they’ve teamed up with some of the industries best to help your business become more successful. This premium lineup of services and tools offers exclusive deals for PROs that you can’t get anywhere else. 

They’ve hand-selected PRO Partners that cover almost all your business needs. Working with companies like Sunbelt tool rentals, Prime Payroll Services, Office Depot/Office Max, OnDeck small business financing, Home Advisor lead generation service, and of course BuildBook project management software to make running your jobs smoother, plus many more. 

The idea behind these partnerships is that Floor & Decor’s PRO Premier Rewards members are given exclusive access to discounts from these hand-selected companies to meet your business needs and help your company run smoother. 

Exclusive Access & Discounts with Partners Like BuildBook

We’ll say it again... BuildBook is a PRO Partner with Floor & Decor, and it’s a perfect match. Both of us are committed to helping PROs improve their business and grow their bottom line. BuildBook offers simple, powerful construction management software that will help you deliver a premium client experience and increase productivity. And as a member of the Floor & Decor PRO Premier Rewards Program, you can access it at an exclusive rate — something you won't find with the Home Depot Pro Xtra Loyalty Program.

And did you know that BuildBooks’ easy-to-use project management software has many great perks for its members too?  Like a cutting-edge app that is so simple that even your most tech-adverse subs and clients will love using it!  We’re always striving to give builders and remodelers better business resources outside of the app, like sales and marketing tools, budgeting tracking, and time management tools. 

Simplicity, organization, communication, and time management is the name of the game and BuildBook makes it easy for you.

A Successful Business is Not Built on Hard Work Alone 

We believe that the Floor & Decor Rewards Program is definitely one that you should consider. It can help you grow your business and improve your bottom line with its many benefits and valuable rewards!

With these tools at your disposal, you’ll maximize client satisfaction, improve productivity, and save both time and money — all helping your business grow. And don’t forget to check out BuildBook's Floor and Decor partner page to learn more about what benefits Floor & Decor PRO Premier Rewards members receive when they sign up to use BuildBook in their business.


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