The Top 15 YouTube Channels For Builders and Remodelers in 2024
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The Top 15 YouTube Channels For Builders and Remodelers in 2024

BuildBook Team
October 29, 2021
April 25, 2024

In today’s fast-moving world of social media and influencers, we’re constantly being flooded with all kinds of information. Some useful, some not. Yet, when we’re in a bind we all seek out answers online these days and often turn to YouTube, the go-to source for how-to videos. And with 500 hours of videos uploaded every minute to YouTube, there’s a lot of content to choose from. 

As builders and remodelers, you’d think the number of YouTube Channels out there would be more manageable. But, with thousands of construction videos for the trades and DIY, it can still seem overwhelming to find quality content that is useful for pros. So we decided to narrow down the list for you by sharing the top 15 YouTube Channels for pros that you should subscribe to. 

The Top 15 YouTube Channels for Builders and Remodelers in 2024

1. The Construction Channel

The Construction Channel youtube channel
The Construction Channel on Youtube

The Construction Channel tells the real-life stories of builders pursuing their craft with the challenges and successes they experience along the way. You can watch the day-to-day operations and experience the milestones, challenges, and delays from the start of a project ‘til it’s completed.

With just over 22k subscribers, they may not be the leader of the pack in terms of followers, but the content they provide certainly is. Their goal is to influence builders and remodelers and to improve the world of construction while inspiring the next generation. 

2. Fine Homebuilding

Fine Homebuilding youtube channel
Fine Homebuilding Channel on YouTube

They might already be the most popular construction magazine in the country for home builders, but their YouTube Channel takes it a step further. Fine Homebuilding covers all aspects of residential construction for professional builders and remodelers. 

This is not your average channel. The in-depth product and tool reviews, advanced building skills, how-to’s, and even interviews with industry professionals are meant for real builders and remodelers and not your average DIY-er. 

This quote from their YouTube Channel says it all: “With a focus on sharing accurate information and industry best practices, Fine Homebuilding provides deep how-to instruction, useful tips and techniques, high-performance construction details, and more for anyone passionate about designing and building beautiful, high-quality homes.”

3.  Matt Risinger

Matt Risinger youtube channel
Matt Risinger and the Build Show Channel on YouTube

Having 901k followers on YouTube is no small feat, and the rising show host of the Build Show, Matt Risinger, has a lot of great advice and knowledge to offer. Matt is the owner of Risinger Homes in Austin Texas and has an impressive portfolio to inspire any builder or remodeler. Matt’s channel focuses on best practices for building and remodeling, as well as true craftsmanship and the science of building. 

Any trade, builder, or remodeler will appreciate the professional advice he has to offer. This is a YouTube Channel that is definitely worth subscribing to!

4. Fix This Build That

Fix This Build That youtube channel
Fix This Build That Channel on YouTube

Brad Rodriguez, the creator of the Fix This Build That channel, has an inspiring story of starting out as a DIY-er with a drive to make a difference in people’s lives. And with over 1.27 million subscribers, it’s clear his content is valuable! He covers lots of simple fixes and general carpentry, but his videos are very clear and easy to follow. 

So if you’re new to construction or are a long-time pro, Brad has something to offer with a fresh and entertaining perspective. 

5. Insider Carpentry

Insider Carpentry youtube channel
Insider Carpentry Channel on YouTube

Spencer Lewis is a master trim carpenter who hosts his own YouTube Channel with over 124K subscribers and more than 14 million views! And this is NOT your average DIY channel. It’s chocked full of professional advice and real pro tips for industry professionals. Spencer tackles issues like installing coffered ceiling boxes, how to make oval window casings, tips and tricks on staircase carpentry, and even tool reviews. 

Inside Carpentry is a must-subscribe for real professionals looking to increase quality, knowledge, and productivity in trim carpentry.

6. This Old House

This Old House youtube channel
This Old House Channel on YouTube

Yes, it’s the same This Old House your parents watched when you were a kid. The original home improvement show boasts an impressive 33 years in production and it’s still going strong. And today it remains one of the most trusted home improvement brands ever.

It’s clear that the 1.73 million subscribers are not disappointed. This Old House’s message? Build your dream and do it right. And with almost 2,300 videos filled with expert advice on tools, products, home improvement, remodeling, and inspiration, it’s a no brainer to subscribe. 

7. Dettmore 101

Dettmore 101 youtube channel
Dettmore 101 Channel on YouTube

Zachary Dettmore is a carpenter and a general contractor and experience in the construction industry gives him an edge. Zachary’s YouTube Channel Make $ or Cost $ is full of tool and product reviews that can save you time, headaches, and money in the long run. He breaks down the pros and cons while providing real insight from a general contractor who has actually used the products and tools himself. His opinions and comparisons are precise and he cuts through the fluff.

We’re making this our top pick for the best product review channel for builders and remodelers. And with over 1.5 million views it’s definitely an industry favorite.

8. Odell Complete Concrete

Odell Complete Concrete youtube channel
Odell Complete Concrete Channel on YouTube

Odell Complete Concrete’s channel can help any builder or remodeler understand the tools and techniques that a premiere concrete company uses. An expert in the field, David Odell walks you through everything from framing and pouring a foundation to a more simple garage renovation. In every video, he takes you to actual job sites and addresses real problems that contractors can encounter. 

The information David provides is thorough and complete, so even though the videos are longer than average, they just might save you time and money on your own job site. 

So if you want to up your concrete game, this is the channel to watch.

9. That Tile Chick

That Tile Chick youtube channel
That Tile Chick Channel on YouTube

That Tile Chick is actually Schannon Yodice and in August, 2020, she quit her 9-5 corporate job and has flourished as a tile setter and entrepreneur. She might be newer, but her knowledge is not. Each video gives you an “ah-ha” moment and even with clips as short as 30 seconds, you might just change the way you tile. Schannon’s YouTube Channel has thousands of views and her videos cover everything from waterproof foam board installation, plumbing, and even prepping subfloors for tile.  

Schannon is a master tiler and advocate for entering the trades, this woman is a must-watch. 

10. Build with Ferguson

Build with Ferguson youtube channel
Build with Ferguson Channel on YouTube with Ferguson might be a retailer, but the content they post is full of inspiration featuring home trends, product spotlights, and several different series. Our favorites include “Build by Design,” where a design expert walks through real designs and discusses the trends and highlights; “Glad You Asked,” which reviews products you might want to use in your new build or remodel; and “Collaboration,” where you can see real spaces that include some of that inspiration.

And the best part is most of what you see includes a buying guide in the description section. So for contractors that want to improve their design skills, this is a great channel. 

Growing your business beyond how-to's...

YouTube isn’t just about finding channels with how-to’s. You can go far beyond that and find information that will also help your business grow, from marketing tips to guides on how to start your own YouTube Channel. So these next 5 channels will give you business advice and guidance on some back-end business topics and marketing strategies.

11. Jason Pie

Jason Pie youtube channel
Jason Pie on YouTube

Jason Pie, the owner of JJP Construction, a long-time general contractor, and real estate developer. He personally shows you how to buy, build, and sell. So although, you might initially think this channel is more of a tips and trick kind of station. It’s Not. This channel dives deep into how to become a profitable builder of new single-family homes. 

So whether you’re new to the construction business, a remodeler looking to grow your business, or a seasoned builder looking to take it a step further this is your channel. The content is entertaining, fun, and full of useful information. There’s no better channel out there to inspire you to take it to the next level. 

Subscribe. Buy. Build. Sell.

12. Shawn Van Dyke

Shawn Van Dyke youtube channel
Shawn Van Dyke Channel on YouTube

Shawn Van Dyke has been in the construction industry as a structural engineer, general contractor, builder, and developer for years. He’s a Brand Ambassador for Fine Homebuilding Magazine and owns the Built to Build Academy, which allows you to dig deep into your construction business and become more profitable. And although the academy is a paid service, his YouTube Channel is full of free advice and valuable information to help your bottom line.

Shawn covers everything from how to price a construction project to where your profits should be going. He also interviews other industry professionals and provides business insights. But more than that, you’ll find you leave his channel feeling inspired and ready to be your best in business. This is our first choice for a business expert in the construction industry.

13. Builder Funnel

Builder Funnel youtube channel
Builder Funnel Channel on YouTube

Marketing expert Spencer Powell enlightens builders and remodelers on easy ways to increase their customer engagement. At first, this YouTube Channel might seem like a foreign language covering topics like search engine optimization and inbound marketing concepts. But Spencer makes it simple and easy to understand. He also includes several free downloads to help you along the way.

With educational, tactical, and entertaining tools, you can learn to create content that will give you a return on your marketing dollars spent. 

“This is the blueprint to drive your business into the future.” Spencer Powell

14.  BuildBook

BuildBook youtube channel
BuildBook Channel on YouTube

Yes, we’d be remiss if we didn’t make the list. But in all honesty, BuildBook’s YouTube Channel provides valuable how-to’s about topics that’ll help you run a more streamlined business. You can learn about how to use a construction project schedule, how to track your budget, and even how to accurately estimate a project. And, you know what’s even better? Most of the videos come with a free template and, of course, a free 10-day trial

Sure we might be a construction management software company, but our YouTube Channel gives free advice that includes some simple, yet powerful tools to help you run better projects and increase your bottom line. We’re certain you won’t regret subscribing.

15. Floorplanner

Floorplanner youtube channel
Floorplanner Channel on YouTube

Construction technology is changing just as fast as the iPhone’s next release. And it’s becoming more and more important that builders and remodelers stay on top of the technology curve. We looked at several softwares for another post on technologies available to help you win clients and found Floorplanner to be a great starter software. You can sign up and start using the basic features for free, making learning a snap. 

And subscribing to their YouTube Channel lets you get the education you need to learn the basics for free, plus you can get notifications about new content. So although you have to pay for the upgraded floor plans and 3D options, you can start and learn for free.

So, get with the tech times and subscribe. 

Why These YouTube Channels Are For You

YouTube might be fun for watching entertaining videos of puppies for hours on end. But using your time wisely goes a long way in business, so be sure to check out our top 15 YouTube Channels listed in this post. They’re a combination of interesting, entertaining, and educational.  

Each one was researched and hand-selected for quality content. Every channel brings a unique perspective or set of skills that can help you with everything from tool reviews to running your business. And they’re all accessible right from your computer, smartphone, or tablet so you can watch whenever you have time. 

So get your subscribe finger ready and get watching.


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