New in v1.7: new web features, mobile editing and organization, and more

New in v1.7: new web features, mobile editing and organization, and more

Carson Miller
October 2, 2019
November 4, 2021

We’ve been hard at work over here at BuildBook HQ and are excited to announce the release of v1.7 🎉. In this release, there are several new updates that you’ll notice right away and dozens of behind-the-scenes updates that continue to strengthen our foundation for the long haul. Check it all out here:

What’s New on BuildBook Web 

Dust off that laptop: some big, new features await you on

  • Shiny new toys - we created an all-new dashboard to give you easy access to your account details, projects, Pro Team info, plan/billing, and documents.
  • Manage Projects - create new projects, invite clients and collaborators, and edit project details, including Category and Location tags
  • Hassle-Free Document Management - queue up Pending Docs or add them right to your BuildBook projects. You can also rename files, move or copy docs to another project, or delete them. (You can still email your docs to [email protected], but the new website features remove a few steps for you.)

Mobile App Enhancements

  • Better Post and Photo Editing - ever posted something with an embarrassing typo? Or accidentally uploaded the wrong photo? Neither have we. But just in case it ever happens, now you can correct them on the spot with just a few taps.
  • Enhanced Tasks - ever wish you could actually see the progress of a task that isn’t yet completed? Well, now anyone can add photos into the Task activity feed. Helpful for asking for advice on a selection, sharing progress photo(s) for a task being worked on, and generally ensuring clarity for the task at hand.
  • Improved Tag Management - are you a type-A who likes to keep your posts organized? Now you can add / edit category and location tags on existing posts to ensure you can find anything in an instant.
  • Better iPad Support - tired of turning your head sideways? We get it. Rejoice, we now support landscape mode! Gain even more productivity by using your external keyboard in the field.
  • Bling bling - Dozens of UI design updates and performance improvements that add up to a much more pleasant experience for everyone.

I hope these updates enable you, your teams, and your clients to continue elevating your game.

As a reminder, everything we build is based on feedback from our customers. So please, make your voice heard with what new features would really move the needle for your business. Hit the chat widget on the site or in the app, or send us a note at [email protected].

Happy building!


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