Keep Things Simple. It Keeps Clients Happy.
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Keep Things Simple. It Keeps Clients Happy.

BuildBook Team
May 25, 2019
January 21, 2021

If you’re a home builder, your picture of success is fairly simple: you want to keep clients happy and win more business.

But somehow, things always get complicated. The antidote to complication is simplicity.

So, how do you start introducing more simplicity into your day-to-day?

Let’s say you text your client to ask which thermostatic mixing valve they want installed in their shower. Unfortunately, from the client’s perspective, you might as well be speaking Mandarin.

You can already imagine the headaches. Best case scenario: you’re explaining what a TMV does. Worst case scenario: they never understood the question in the first place and you end up having to switch it out later.

Who wants to deal with that? Instead, avoid the BS by referring to the TMV simply as a  “water temperature controller.”

That’s simplicity in action.

In a recent poll, builders told us that 72% of client disputes were the result of poor communication. Meanwhile, research shows that the average listener only remembers about 25% of what they hear and forgets about half of that by the next day.

You can avoid those roadblocks by using layman’s terms that the Average Joe can understand. Remember, you’re the one with years of knowledge and experience. Your clients are not.

Replace those facepalms with high 5's. Dumbing it down makes everyone happy.

That’s how you finish a project on budget and score referrals.


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