Best Free Contractor Website Template
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Best Free Contractor Website Template

BuildBook Team
December 23, 2020
November 5, 2021

What Makes a Great Contractor Website Template?

First impressions are important, especially for prospective clients shopping for contractors on the web. Attention spans are short, and your site should engage users quickly and state exactly what you do and where you do it.

No matter your trade — remodeling, homebuilding, basement finishing, or painting — consumers carefully shop for construction professionals that pay attention to detail, which will be reflected in your website.

The website template you choose for your business and how you set it up should represent who you are, the work you specialize in, and should be easy for consumers to get in touch and open a conversation. 

What’s The Best Way to Engage Construction Clients?

Engage construction customers by showcasing some of your amazing work by. Feature as many photo galleries as you can so that consumers can see all of your amazing projects and accomplishments. 

An easy way to show construction project diversity is to share pics of projects by location, style, and complexity. 

Many times, if a homeowner knows they aren’t happy with their kitchen and want a new one, they’ll need guidance along the way to come up with ideas that match the style of their home, meet functional household requirements, look great, and are cost-effective in the way you can build it. This is where your project images can inspire them to turn their dreams into reality.

You may be a painter or drywaller and want to share a range of jobs like tiny homes or ADUs. Leverage all the unique projects you’ve done to show the range of options you can bring to the table. As a painter, maybe you’ve completed ultra-modern finishes or restored Victorian facades with weeks of trim work.

Show Remodel Before and After Images

Homeowners love seeing how homes are transformed. Be sure to include pictures of some extreme makeovers to get in touch with your ability to share the ultimate vision when starting with a total rehab. You may not need before and after pics for every project, as it can muddy your portfolio, but throw a few good ones in there to reflect your abilities as a contractor.

The Best Way to Book More Clients for Your Contracting Business

A construction website template should do more than just show fancy pictures. It needs to function well with communicating who you are, as well as with the customer. 

A solid contact form offers the first step for clients to get in touch about a project. What you ask them is key because it helps you evaluate the lead to initially prioritize this in your sales effort. For the client, it informs them about how much you care about their project through the details asked of them.

The BuildBook template in a Portfolio offers a three-stage form to first capture the crucial contact info, then follow up with project specifics like scope, address, budget, and timeline — even allows prospects to share idea boards they may already have available.

Lead Manager: Staying Organized So You Can Close More Business

The Lead Manager is a major bonus to have on your construction website. The traditional way of getting potential customers would be receiving an email, and then after a week the lead would fall off your radar — and could get lead to lost revenue (no pun intended). BuildBook integrates a centralized system where everyone that contacts you rolls up into a dashboard you can easily check each day.

Let Prospects Know Who You Are – The Human Side of Selling Services

Clients are ultimately buying contractors in the service industry. They need to know who they’ll be working with. A good site offers the human elements — so be sure to include as much appropriate detail as possible such as team members and folks you think they’ll enjoy working with.

Social Media Marketing Integration

If your business has a presence on social media —  one of the most powerful ways to advertise —  on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, then you can link to them right from the template.

The Construction Lead Manager Sales Funnel

Take leads through the sales funnel by first evaluating them. As conversations progress, update the status. At various periods, get insights about your business by seeing how many jobs were won or lost.

Get Insights Into Construction and Remodel Leads

BuildBook’s Automated Lead Analysis allows you to see all the property details to get as much information about the area, lot, owners, loan amounts, and many more details to help you determine whether you could be landing a whale!

Build Trust Through Testimonials

We all understand the power of a great referral, and testimonials are a great way to harness that power on a website. Post stories and warm words about you and your company from your best customers to build confidence in your business to build the house of their dreams.

The BuildBook Contractor Website Template – The Free and Easy Way to Build a Construction Business Site

The free BuildBook website template brings all of these features to the table. But wait – there’s more! It’s not just a template — it’s an actual site that is built automatically for you in minutes!

Get all these features in a proven template that was designed and created by successful veteran homebuilders:

  • An engaging hero (featured image)
  • Responsive design – making sure it looks good on both a phone and laptop
  • A clear service offering and area of service
  • Contact info always accessible
  • A user interface that’s a breeze to use
  • Photo galleries you can arrange by project, location, and style
  • Ability to upload photos from Instagram, Facebook, phone, or computer
  • Contact form that funnels leads into a management screen so you can stay organized

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