Be Consistent. And Eliminate Stress.
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Be Consistent. And Eliminate Stress.

BuildBook Team
May 25, 2019
November 4, 2021

Imagine this – it’s Sunday night and you’re getting ready for the week ahead. An email automatically goes out from your team to your clients laying out a clear plan of action for the week ahead.

By Wednesday, your team gets updated on the progress of each project.

Then, by the end of the week, you get emails back from clients thanking you for a job well done.

Sounds like a stress-free week, right? That’s the value of consistency.

Being a skilled builder is only part of the battle. The key to success, and less aggravation, is being reliable for your team and your clients.

In our recent poll, 59% of homebuilding clients said communication with their contractor was very important to the success of a project. Meanwhile, 83% of clients said they wanted to hear from their contractor at least a few times per week.

That’s why Ryan Miller, the Head of Construction at BuildBook and the founder of Artisan Built, says consistency is critical for his business.

“For most clients, this is the biggest expense of their lives,” Ryan said. “Yet, they know very little about the process. We can’t forget that we are driving this train. Without consistent direction, it can go off the rails in a heartbeat.”

Consistency also means meeting deadlines and updating clients when delays happen. If you tell your client that their rear patio will be done by Friday, do everything you can to make sure that happens. But, if your stone mason tells you on Wednesday that he needs more time because it hasn’t stopped raining for a week, let your client know right away.

That’s how you keep clients happy and minimize your own stress.


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