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Renovation Planning and Design
Don't go into your renovation confused, concerned, or unorganized. Let us help you determine what you truly want out of your home, plan the best use of your space, and make choices around your personal definition of home and your individual design aesthetic. Everything from educating you on what a remodel actually entails, helping to think through all the details and costs, suggesting where to source materials, and sharing pitfalls to avoid, our consults bring ease of mind for this exciting next adventure!


Our Team

Colin Beck

The One Who Makes Sure it’s Right

Colin has always been “handy.” Helping his dad finish their basement at the age of 14, and fixing Christina’s college house vacuum during a leisurely Saturday football viewing are just a few examples of how easy he makes house projects look. After 11 years in outside industrial sales, he was ready to step outside of the corporate ladder climbing and onto a real ladder to “build something lasting”, and be home with his family every night. But those 11 years of traveling gave him first hand experience of knowing the safety and quality of the home he left his family in while he was on the road truly matters. The last 4 years of providing True Homes around Cincinnati takes that first hand experience & knowledge and makes it possible for more than just the Becks.

Christina Beck

The One Who Makes Sure it’s Pretty

Christina’s love of details and thinking through all the elements of a job landed her in roles like marketing and event planning, and ultimately, mom. But when she and Colin starting flipping houses, a creative side of her came out she didn’t know existed and the last 4 years of honing those design aesthetics has been fulfilling in a whole new way. She knows the value of creating a space that helps a family flourish- maximizing function and desiring it to be more than a pretty backdrop, but the beginning of a life lived, memories made, and where every story begins. And the likelihood is that if you’re ever in need of a snack, bandaid, tape measurer, tile sample or paint wheel, she’ll have it in her purse.

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Turning a house into a home is an exciting and daunting process. We know you may have questions that come up along the way and are ready to answer them. No matter what phase of the renovation journey you are in, we’re excited to speak with you. You’ll be asked to complete a short questionnaire to ensure we reach out with all the right details.
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