The Agile Series

Ready, Set, Sprint

Time to take action

We hope you’ve enjoyed the Agile series. Through these pages, we’ve given you a practical set of tools that you can implement into your day-to-day business to become more efficient and impress your clients.

Efficiency and client satisfaction – these are the reasons we created BuildBook in the first place. As a tool, BuildBook is here to help you streamline communication on the job to enable a more agile way of working.

  • Need to layout the plan for the next sprint?
  • Want to review the week’s progress with your client?
  • Looking for a quick answer to unblock work from being done?
  • In search of something that tracks all decisions made to date so nothing slips through the cracks?

With BuildBook, it’s all there for you. Everything you need to run your projects with agility - nothing you don’t.

Give it a try. Your first ten days are on us.